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Things to Consider When Choosing A Kitchen Faucet

Your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home. Whether you’re entertaining friends or making holiday dinner, you will always have people coming in and out of your kitchen! Considering it’s one of the main focal points of your home, you’re going to want products that fit your style and turn some heads. Well, Maison and Co. is here to save the day. We partner with a plethora of companies that are changing the way people think about kitchen fixtures. Do away with the faucets of yesteryear and bring some class and modernity to your kitchen with these companies and their products!

If you’re looking for a company that is chic, dashing, and exudes class, look no further than House of Rohl. House of Rohl scours countries all over the world in search of the best in kitchen fixtures. Whether it is from artisans who have been practicing their craft for generations, or new and up and coming engineers who take on modernity, House of Rohl churns out products that are top of the line in every sense of the word. Their Tenerife collection perfectly exemplifies who they are as a brand. Described as capturing the natural beauty of the Canary Islands in a physical form with an embossing on their fixtures that echoes the intricate patterns found on palm tree trunks, the Tenerife collection is class personified. Elevate your kitchen faucets from the mundane to the luxurious with House of Rohl.

Another company to keep your eye out for is Waterstone Faucets. This all-American company was founded in 1999. Since their inception, they have been blending art and technology to create faucets that last a lifetime, with designs that people will never forget. They are made in their factory in Southern California and have 9 different types of faucets to choose from. One of our favorites is their Hunley Collection, which was inspired by a Civil War submarine! The stunning look of this collection will undoubtedly be a beautiful centerpiece to your contemporary kitchen and will enhance any cooking experience from a family dinner to a friendly get together.

Kallista is changing the game when it comes to luxury faucets. They bring together compelling, timeless designs in an array of finishes and styles - with everything from pull-down and single control faucets to classic bridge and modern styles. Kallista is the premier luxury designer faucet maker that can be found in grand hotels, high-rise apartments, and suburban homes. Trust us when we say you’ll have a difficult time choosing which collection you want to go with! The one that we are currently swooning over is the Quincy Deck-Mount Faucet that will simply refine the look of your space. Stop by the showroom and see how a specialist can help you get Kallista fixtures in your home.

Newport Brass and their wide array of faucets allow you to choose from the finest quality products that are all designed to complement your lifestyle! Newport Brass has been creating perfectly crafted faucets for homes since 1989. They are the perfect blend of durability and style, offering products in contemporary, traditional, art deco, and even Victorian designs. Newport Brass offers a plethora of options. You’ll be sure to find a finish you’re in love with after looking through their 32 - yes! 32! - different finishing options. Whether you’re looking for a completely new look in your kitchen or simply looking to mesh with your existing aesthetic, Newport Brass will have something you’ll be happy with.

We hope you will stop by to check out these products and everything else we have to offer at Maison & Co. We’ll work with you to find out exactly what you’re looking for while you work with one of our knowledgeable specialists who can steer you in the right direction.

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