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The Happiest of Hours Made Easy

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Whether it’s for a dinner party, a birthday celebration, or happy hour with friends, there is something special about hosting people in your home. The feelings bring about a sense of intimacy, inviting friends and family into the place where you lay your head every night. Coming together, for the happiest of hours of the day, is often celebrated with a glass of wine, a cocktail, or even a beer. Make your kitchen the center of attention. Elevate that space as well as your guests’ experience with a wine fridge or cabinet. These will keep your wine organized in one place without any need to clutter up your fridge. Even outside the practical aspect of it, there is something sleek and elegant about a wine fridge. Being able to see all the wine bottles through a clear layer of glass in a well-lit interior. One thing is for sure, your wine fridge or cabinet will be the talk of the guests on their car ride home.

At Maison & Co., we’ve got just the brands you need. One of these brands that we think would be great for any occasion is Vintec. They offer under-counter and tall cabinet fridges in a variety of sizes, all depending on how much wine you’d like to store! Vintec’s fridges have unique shelving that allow for unscathed labels by utilizing the ideal spacing required for wine fridges. Further, their shelving is made with white oak, providing a look that is as glamorous and luxurious as it is earthy and understated. The fridge also comes with your own virtual cellar management app and personal sommelier. Click here to see how it works:

​Not a wine enthusiast? Look no further than a draft beer dispenser. If you’re looking to make this addition to your kitchen, backyard pool area, or home in general, Perlick is the brand for you. Known for their reliability and optimal use, you can’t go wrong with one of their dispensers. On top of their phenomenal convenience, Perlick offers a wide variety of beer dispensers, styles, and sizes. Each one of their dispensers is also made in stainless steel, offering a pristine, sleek, and refined look that would elevate any space in your home.

Perlick beer dispensers are great for the beer aficionados in your life. Enjoy fresh, crisp, cold draft beer from the comfort of your own home while feeling like you’re sitting in a full-blown brewery. The beer is stored at a consistent drinking temperature, so your beer always stays fresh! However, Perlick dispensers offer more than just the ability to be your own brew master. You can be your own barista as well, because Perlick beer dispensers can be transformed into a cold coffee dispenser!

Hosting events can be stressful at times, even if it is just a “Happy Hour” before heading to dinner. The products featured here from Vintec and Perlick offer the best solutions to your hosting worries. You can count on Maison & Co. to source the best products for you and your home. It’s where you live, it’s what we live for.

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