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The Brain In The Bathroom

As humans, we almost always make the arrogant assumption that we are the smartest in the room. While we are the most intelligent species that saunters through the Earth’s lands, there are limits to our knowledge. One place, positioned within the walls of our own abodes, in which we forfeit the aforementioned title, is now our bathroom - well, depending on what kind of decisive direction you go in.

The emergence of smart toilets has taken the idea of higher consciousness to a new conception. They conceive a reality that supersedes the stagnant presence of primitive normal toilets by providing elements that offer accessibility, better hygiene, sustainability, and more.

A formidable feature found within smart toilets are the bidets that they boast - essentially showers for one’s bum. These bidets can yield varying levels of water pressure, different types of spray, and even different temperatures. Calling upon sustainability, some even have onboard dryers, eliminating the excessive use of toilet paper. Bidets play a serious role in procuring a cleaner bathroom and body for that matter.

A common simpler feature is that of an automatic self-opening toilet, that raises and closes its lid when someone steps within the range of the sensor. This is one of the myriad attributes that attend to accessibility, especially for elder people. Smart toilets wield the potential to be self-cleaning, each brand has their own methodology for performing said cleaning, but they all connect to the same endpoint. Smart toilets have a range of possibilities in terms of how big their brain can really be. Some include heated seats and even speakers, which may seem excessive, but when everything else in the world is receiving ‘smart’ upgrades, why overlook something that we rely on every day?

Brilliant brands such as Axent and Toto have applied all of the aforementioned attributes to their modern toilets. A favorite of ours from Axent is their smart one piece toilet that comes with an ever present sleek design that details the designation of the future. Toto’s Neorest toilet takes the same style to new heights with an energizing and ergonomic construction. These brains bring forth heated seating, warm flowing water, air drying, bidet jets, and a self cleaning bowl. There are even more options for upgrading at the point of purchase and after. This technology has become woven into each one of our wetrooms, it's time to take it into yours! Contact us to speak to a specialist so you can service your own space with a piece of the future.

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