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Revamp your Outdoor Space

Entertainment knows no bounds. Sure, you can have a dinner party in your dining room. However, there is nothing quite like taking everyone out and enjoying the weather and open space of your backyard. Whether it’s for a Fourth of July barbecue or a birthday party for your child and their friends, Maison & Co. knows how to get you started. We’ve got plenty of brands and products that would be perfect for your outdoor space!

Sub Zero and Wolf Appliances are really taking things up a notch with their variety of outdoor products. Their outdoor products feature the same superior performance, quality, and stunning design as their indoor products, but with some needed durability to withstand almost any weather.

One of our favorite Wolf outdoor products is their outdoor grill. What’s a backyard barbecue without some serious grilling power? Wolf’s products bring the heat! The grills from Wolf, built-in or freestanding, provide optimal performance for predictably delicious results. You won’t want to grill on anything else once you’ve tried your hand at a Wolf Outdoor Grill.

Worried about all the smoke and smells that come along with an outdoor grill? Wolf has that fixed as well. Their outdoor ventilation systems remove all the smoke, grease, and odor that get in the way of your grilling station. They have the power of an industrial ventilation system but with a sense of elegance that doesn’t take away from your backyard’s aesthetic. You’re really going to want to pair this one up with your grill for the perfect outdoor one-two punch.

While most people are used to showering in their bathroom, there’s just something about an outdoor shower that makes you feel like you’re not in your home, but at a tropical resort. When it comes to this, no brand can compare to Outdoor Shower Company. They are one of the only companies in the United States that manufactures and distributes outdoor stainless steel showers. They offer stand alone showers or wall mounted showers that are perfect for any space. What’s more, every shower they sell is built to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. Step into a life of luxury when you step into your new outdoor shower from Outdoor Shower Company, showers truly designed for outdoor living.

Don't forget about lighting! When it comes to that, Visual Comfort is the perfect company to outfit your backyard patio area. Wine and dine your guests with an elegant ambiance right out of a movie. Wall sconces are a great way to breathe some life into your run-of-the-mill walls. You can use them as a focal point to light up the darker areas of your backyard to keep the entertainment going or just to create an inviting atmosphere. These wall sconces are a great accent lighting option for your next backyard renovation. There’s no need to bring the party indoors when you’ve got Visual Comfort in your backyard.

While we love the products we’ve talked about today, we have so much more to offer at our showroom. Come by or set up a virtual meeting with one of our specialists regarding any renovation, upgrade, or change you want to make to your space!

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