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Optimizing The Outdoors

June, a jubilant month for one to truly get in touch with the outdoors. While our daily schedules and proceedings may still persist, the summer calling is one that we simply cannot resist. Here at Maison & Co, we are moved by the possibility to create environments that embody the values of our community. Any opportunity to optimize an outdoor space and select the pivotal pieces that bring it to the next level are ones that we cherish greatly. While there are many ways for one to configure their free space, we find it best to hone in on specific ideas in order to make them sing. The select choice of discussion today derives from the presence of outdoor showers, and the dynamic difference they make in any setup. These are products that can truly provide freedom, letting you live outside as you embrace the endless summer.

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With any space, you need to employ your eye to truly see what will bring the most utility to your set-up, without sacrificing style. This leads us to examine how much space we have available which then allows us to recognize the right location for an outdoor shower. Outdoor Shower Company has the means to create a utilitarian utopia, right in your backyard. Their stainless steel showers are solid in their construction and their conception, serving a proper shower experience while being situated seamlessly in any set-up. They yield a sleek design when wall-mounted, and the flexibility they offer is the best place to start when getting things going!

An outdoor shower can always be an added asset, as it is an easy process to get one positioned in an open-air arena. However, there is great power in the possibilities and potential that an outdoor shower presents. While they can be integrated into a space, they can also be the focal point that creates a completely new environment! Jaclo has put this point on show with their cascading rain machine showerhead, a true testament for transforming your space into what you truly want to see. Rather than just having a shower on the side, you can conceive an outdoor shower that attributes a whole new world, within the one you have already built. Take your home to the jungle with this emulation of the elements. This is a verified vacation, that lives in your home.

When identifying which shower is for you, every piece must be taken into account. A pertinent part of a shower comes in the form of the showerhead itself. The flow of water is what dictates the experience, as that is the integral part of any man-made waterfall. The head is the holistic detail that designates the design aspect of the shower, as a shower-head can be flat, rectangular, or even circular. Gessi has got a great example of a unique shower-head that still services the desired fluid power. In a sleek and serpentine style, this piece from their Privatella collection can be the crowned item in any villa.

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We wish that we could address all of the intricacies of an outdoor shower within this one post, but that is where the power of our showroom and superior staff comes into play. Any idea you have for your outdoor shower adventure can be fully realized at Maison & Co!

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