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How to Plan a Kitchen Layout

Spending more time in the kitchen at home recently? The kitchen really is the heart of any home. It provides sustenance, a gathering place, and is one room of the house we use in one way or another every single day (usually multiple times per day).

A kitchen build or renovation is no small feat and we understand how overwhelming it can feel. Maison&Co. has worked with countless homeowners, architects, and interior designers to bring our clients’ kitchen dreams into reality. Our experts are sharing a few tips about where to start when designing your new kitchen layout.

1. Start with the kitchen triangle.

Our kitchen experts refer to the stove, sink and refrigerator as the “kitchen triangle”.

These are the three major utilitarian details of any kitchen layout and you always want

to start planning your new kitchen layout with these three items in mind first.

Start with the sink. You will be limited by where you can place the sink due to plumbing.

If you don’t like where your plumbing is currently place, be sure to budget for moving

the pipes. The refrigerator is a large appliance to place and it needs enough room to

open the doors and/or drawers without obstruction. The stove will need to be in a place

that is not only convenient for a working kitchen, but also properly placed for ventilation.

Maison&Co. Trending Tip: Refrigerated drawers under countertops are a great way to keep

snacks, beverages, and product nearby while hiding a larger refrigerator in a pantry or galley. This helps save valuable space in your main kitchen layout!

2. Next up, counter space and storage.

Now that you have your kitchen triangle placed, it’s time to think about islands,

countertops, and storage. This is really where your kitchen layout will start to come to

life. U and L-shaped kitchens are by far the most common layout options, utilizing a

large island at the center of the layout, but galley kitchens are also very popular. These

decisions should ultimately be made by thinking deeply about how you, your partner,

and/or your family use the kitchen. A single person in a high-rise will likely need a

kitchen layout that’s different from a family of four with kids that use the kitchen island

as a homework basecamp.

If you need a lot of prep, seating, and entertaining space, consider a large island with

additional storage below. If you’re an at-home chef or working with a small space, a

galley kitchen layout may be just what the doctor ordered.

Think through your daily routine in the kitchen. What do you use each and every day?

Have you included enough space on your countertop or island to fit all of these daily-

use items in? Are you kitchen gadget-obsessed? Consider deep cabinets with movable

shelves, including over the refrigerator, for storing these appliances away.

If you’re working with limited space, but want to maximize storage, don’t forget to look

UP. Leave room between your upper cabinets and the ceiling and use molding along

the top to turn this dead space into storage for larger appliances and seasonal items

that you use sparingly.

3. Don’t forget the kitchen lighting!

Repeat after us: kitchen lighting is not an afterthought! Lighting your kitchen properly is

a matter of safety as much as it is aesthetics. On the functional side, consider task

lighting, such as soft spotlights under upper cabinets, to keep your vision clear while

chopping and reading recipes.

When it comes to aesthetics, kitchen lighting offers room for creativity. Remember, the

kitchen is where gathering happens. Be sure your lighting can cover all of your bases,

from everyday life, to dinner parties and date nights. Voice operated smart lighting is

great in the kitchen for when your hands are messy and dimmers are a must for mood

lighting. If you have an island, consider pendant lights from the ceiling to fill dead space

with purpose.

If you are feeling inspired to take on your kitchen renovation? The Maison&Co. team is here to help. We offer complimentary virtual design consultations for anywhere in the world and in-person consultations in our Miami kitchen and bath showroom. We believe style and quality are achievable by anyone. No matter the size of the project, the design vision or budget, we are committed to giving you an experience worth raving about.

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