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How To: Light Up Your Space

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2021 will be forever known as the “post-COVID” era in American life, signaling a seismic shift in every aspect of our lives, with special respect to how we think about homelife and interior design. Designers are utilizing forward-thinking methods to conform to our new lifestyles, indicating a larger movement towards making our homes a sanctuary for more thoughtful interiors, keeping in mind we will be spending more time at our domiciles than ever before.

So, what does this mean specifically for lighting and design? The ideas being thrown around revolve around comfort, multi-functionality, and convertibility. Layouts are being re-imagined, while spaces are being clearly defined so people can execute different tasks and activities without disrupting or obstructing one another. As far as lighting goes, special attention is being given to design that revolves around it being purposeful and aesthetically pleasing. A great deal of memorable design schemes rely on bold lighting, and styles now range from sparse, bare bulb minimal design to dynamic, sculptural pieces with colored shades and opulent charm.

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Designers are looking forward as well as into the past, from nostalgic Hollywood regency

glamour to light pieces that resemble modern art. More than ever before, we are starting to see ceiling pendants and chandeliers as being focal points in the room, rather than a utilitarian object. The idea once again is to convey to anyone in the room that the lighting is both thoughtfully executed and aesthetically vital. Designers are approaching rooms starting with lighting and working around them, as opposed to the other way around.

Here are a few tips for you to achieve a healthy lighting design scheme for your home:

1. The first thing is to make sure you have a smart lighting plan before anything is implemented. When we discuss “thoughtful lighting” we need to be asking essential questions about each room such as, ‘what activities are going to be taking place here?’ and ‘which key features of this room should be highlighted?’ Aside from those questions, think about everything from scale, style, and even bulb temperature color before your first purchase.

2. The second thing designers talk about is “layered lighting”. This means utilizing a variety of light sources to create dimension and scope within a space. You can add uplights to make walls seem taller, or low-hanging pendants as another means to create height.

3. Lastly, bold statement pieces will become the status quo as we continue to settle into this paradigm shift, so don’t be afraid to choose something that immediately makes itself known to anyone who walks in the room.

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Maison & Co. has been keen on these shifts and trends in design, and that’s why we choose to be partnered with top-tier brands such as Sonneman and Eurofase. Each of these companies has respectively established themselves as highly regarded manufacturers in the luxury lighting market and continue to push designs that are both trendsetting and innovative. Anyone looking to bring their home into the 21st century should know it starts with purposeful lighting, and Maison & Co. is your resource to make it happen.

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