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How to Harness Hues

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

As the autumn season starts to fall in, the coloring of our world starts to shift. This changing of the hues is an occurrence that has ornamented the scenery of the globe forever. The emotional enthrall of autumn is autonomous and its chromatic attributes are applied to more places than just the Earth’s lands.

Our spaces can serve the same feeling of fall through tantalizing tinctures that live everywhere in our homes. The color palettes that we project are integral and instrumental to the aesthetics of our abodes, but more importantly to our mentality and emotions.

Some of our favorite tones this season are Loden Frost, Autumn Blonde, and Strawberry Cream, all of which can be seen throughout. These are newfound assets that can be mixed into any space, but each place has its own primordial palette. The spaces seen around the text depict the emotive elements that selective colors can deliver.

The science behind the influence of color is comprehensively accounted for through the presence of Chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is an age-old practice perfected by the ancient Egyptians, dating back thousands of years, that focuses on the emotional response that specific colors can generate.

Different sections of where we live can be leveraged to illuminate ideations through their chromatic schemes. Your bathroom is a space in which you may want to call upon calm feelings, which would be brought forth via darker blues and greens. The living room may be the opposite, made to be optimal through light oranges and reds that reinvigorate the mind and move forth conversational connections. An audit of your place’s appearance and inferences into how its pigmentation can be perfected are all things that our design team is always eager to tackle for you.

Along with the general complexion of a space comes the distinct products that must be chosen purposefully to match. Gessi’s recent Origini collection revolves completely around the presence of color, honing in on the power and divergence between warm, neutral, accent, materic, and natural schemes. Their pieces are procured to populate spaces that seek to display any setting.

Gessi Origini Collection

One of our many passions here at Maison & Co. is collaborative design discussions, we would love to take a look at your home and see what holistic coloring can bring it all together! We will awaken a new sense of design within the scopes of your projects. Please contact us today to get started.

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