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5 Bathroom Renovation Tips for Big Impact

2020 left a lot of us with more time than ever spent at home. After a few months here in Miami, many of our clients at Maison&Co. started noticing all the big and little projects around the house that weren’t a priority to fix before, but now are top of mind.

One of the most common renovation projects we see is bathrooms. Why are bathroom renovations always top of the list? Not only are bathrooms used every single day, but above all: bathroom renovations, when done intelligently, can bring a return on investment when selling the home in the future.

We’ve been involved in our fair share of bathroom renovations in Miami, from brand new builds, to massive renovations in main bathroom suites and small updates to a powder room. Here are some simple tips from our experts to consider before you get started on that bathroom renovation project.

H1: Five Bathroom Renovations Tips From Experts

  1. Start with the “boring” stuff. Before you get to the fun details you can see, consider the foundational elements of the project that you can’t see like plumbing and ventilation. If this is one of the main bathrooms in your home, think about installing 2-inch plumbing drain pipes to avoid easy clogging and a supercharged ventilation system that will remove humidity to stifle mold and mildew growth.

  2. Think about your daily routine. Is this your main bathroom? Do you (or a family member) get ready here every day? If so, what does that routine look like and how could the bathroom be better structured for that routine? For example: If you use this bathroom every day to get ready and your routine includes multiple appliances and products (curling iron or straightener, hairdryer, electric razor, hair product, etc.) you likely need to consider a layout that gives you more counter space. If two people get ready in that bathroom every day, consider a layout that includes multiple sinks and mirrors. Not your main bathroom? Consider keeping the design light and fresh if it’s a guest bathroom!

  3. Prioritize where you’re willing to “splurge”. If you want to stay on budget, but also find room to treat yourself: be sure to identify and prioritize where you’re willing to splurge. That could mean a beautiful soaking tub for some or a multi-head shower system for others. Or maybe it’s a smart mirror with a television or a heated floor. Identify what “splurge” items sound most appealing to you and stick to the most important ones that can fit in your budget.

  4. Give wallpaper a try! If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “wallpaper” is your grandmother’s floral wallpaper from the 1960s, allow us to reintroduce you! These days, there are so many chic and luxurious wallpaper options out there to help bring your home project to the next level.

  5. Don’t forget the lighting. Too often, lighting is one of the last things on a homeowner’s mind when daydreaming about their bathroom renovation. But it shouldn’t be! Attention to detail when it comes to bathroom lighting can be fun and utilitarian. Not only are there so many incredibly artistic lighting brands out there to explore, but you can also include vanity lighting to enhance your make-up routine and dimmers and night lights so you don’t blind yourself or stub your toe when you use the restroom in the middle of the night.

Are you feeling inspired to tackle that bathroom renovation project you’ve been thinking about for years? The Maison&Co. team is at your service. We believe style and quality are achievable by anyone. No matter the size of the project, the design vision or budget, we are committed to giving you an experience worth raving about. We offer complimentary virtual design consultations for anywhere in the world and in-person consultations in our Miami kitchen and bath showroom.

Book your consultation to discuss your bathroom renovation with Maison&Co. today!

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