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Choosing the Right Wallpaper

Over the past 18 months, between zoom calls and quarantine hangouts, we’ve found that

nearly every element of interior decorating and design has undergone a transformative shift. From thoughtful lighting applications to furniture convertibility, to multi-functional spaces. As people start to think more deeply about each aspect of their home’s design scheme, a big question becomes whether to apply paint or wallpaper. Whichever you choose, either option is an exciting way to add texture and color. Click here to check out 6 reasons why to consider wallpaper in your home!

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With the multitude of options to choose from, here are some of the trends we’re seeing for 2021!

The first trend we’re seeing is designers leaning towards aesthetics that evoke a sense of travel or exoticism as a reaction to the seemingly endless confinement of 2020. Tropics and wilderness, florals, new botanicals, panoramic murals, and natural materials are just a few categories that make a big impact in homes across the country. A second trend we’re seeing are 3D geometric and abstract designs, ranging from Art Deco styles to 60s Impressionism and mid-century art.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the endless options available within the wallpaper department, here are some guidelines you can follow to ensure the right decision is made before purchasing that bold subtropical print you’ve always yearned for:

1. Choose a style: Inspiration is key to developing a sense of direction. Ask yourself the following questions: Where am I drawing inspiration from? Does the color/texture make sense for this room? Do I want to create more space or create a copy separation? Finding examples before pulling the trigger is the first step before moving forward with your design choice.

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2. Location, location, location: If you already have an idea as to which room you’re going to be adding wallpaper to, it’s also good to think about doing an accent wall versus a continuous design scheme. If you’re going the ascent route, make sure the wall you choose is a focal point within the space. This could be an area where a TV would be hung or a mantle for art. Let the architecture of the room be your guide! If you’re going bold with a particular color or pattern, make sure it coexists nicely with the other colors in the room as opposed to being bold for the sake of boldness.

3. Now you are ready for the final step, application!

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At Maison & Co., we will make the process easier in terms of determining how much wallpaper you should be purchasing and providing inspiration. Trust us to offer you the full experience in elevating your home! It’s where you live, it’s what we live for.

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