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Bring the Vacation Home with You

Who doesn’t love a great vacation? The idea of going to a place you’ve never experienced before always breathes some life into, well, life. It is a way to take a beat and escape into a different place, even if for a short period of time, to give your mind and body the break it deserves. Having a temporary home prepped for your stay brings in this new reality of time for rest and relaxation. Certain items within your holiday home speak to this sense of relaxation and rest. Things like bowl bathtubs and floating sinks, once thought of to be only for your vacation rental or hotel room, are now ready to be a part of your daily living space. We’re going to bring your vacation home with you by partnering with brands that brought the same products to those away-from-home escapes.

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Let's start with your bathtub. Baths you take on vacation just do something different to your soul. Immerse yourself in the warm water, light a candle, and melt away the busy day with this freestanding bathtub. The curved lines of freestanding tubs contour the body for a perfect fit. They blend the past and the present, with the ability to be striking in simplicity yet feel luxurious. Jetted tubs have the power to relax your muscles and increase blood circulation through the body. The Rodin tub by Hydro Systems is a deliberate elliptical shape and has a substantial framework that speaks to this sense of luxury and high style. You’ll feel as if you’re walking into your personal suite in lands far away when you walk into your bathroom at home. It's not a want, it's a need.

Another great product we’d love to show you is a steam shower. Hydro Systems is bringing the hotel spa to your own home! A steam room is the divine combination of hygiene and unwinding. Feel like you’re taking a trip to the spa when you’re simply walking into the bathroom. Steam showers add an extra layer of relaxation to your bathing experience, and we’d like to bring that experience into your home. Click here to discover the benefits of having a steam shower in your home!

Nothing can ruin a good shower like the wrong shower head. Lucky for you, those frustrating days are days of the past. Gessi Afilo has the ultimate shower head just for you. These shower heads offer light therapy that will take you into another space filled with relaxation. Light therapy is known to boost your mood and benefit your skin, without adding another step to your skincare routine. Further, these shower heads offer hydro massaging. This allows for a multi-sense stimulation by utilizing refreshing, delicate waterfalls, just like the ones of Costa Rica. There is something truly unique about showering under a rain showerhead. On top of the fact that you feel like you’re on vacation, rain showerheads bring a tranquil feeling to your bathroom. They offer one of the most healing aspects of nature - rain - right into your home.

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With Maison & Co., bringing the luxurious amenities of a grandeur vacation into your home is possible. Let us help you transform your home into your dream vacation stay. It’s where you live, it’s what we live for.

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