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Maison & Co. is a family-run business with far-reaching roots. With decades of collective experience in the kitchen, plumbing, and home improvement industry, we created Maison & Co. to be a true partner for architects, designers, and homeowners in Miami, FL, and beyond.

Our Miami showroom offers beautiful and unique products for every budget, plus a staff of specialists and a full range of services to make every project with us the best one yet. At Maison & Co., we believe the space you desire starts with the experience you deserve. Whether you are looking to buy a single faucet or outfit an entire commercial build, Maison & Co. is passionate about giving you an experience worth raving about.

The Maison & Co. staff is ready to get to work for you. You can schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our specialists to start building the space of your dreams.

Meet the Founders

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Lizzy Ortiz

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Lizzy is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Maison & Co. Having grown up with her grandparents’ family business, the idea of entrepreneurial spirit was embedded in her at a young age. Now, with over fifteen years of experience, she has formed a distinctive holistic approach to design from exposure to various corners of the industry. Lizzy’s background in plumbing, appliances, customer service, and furniture establishes her as one of the few creative forces in the industry able to integrate a variety of disciplines into one cohesive design strategy. This fine-tailored approach gains inspiration from her travels around the globe as well as her near-obsessive exploration of design trends and styles from colleagues and clients. Simply put, if it’s a look by Lizzy, it’s going to be a timeless one.

Anthony Hernandez

co-founder & ceo

Anthony is the Co-Founder and CEO of Maison & Co. His high-level entrepreneurial expertise has been molded from years of leadership roles within the kitchen, bath, lighting industries. He has always exhibited interest in deconstructing and discussing the process of how things are built. With a background in engineering, his drive to understand the inner-workings of machines, from household appliances to complex designs in aviation makes him the go-to product expert within Maison & Co. Having project-managed major iconic building projects throughout Miami, these diverse elements of his entrepreneurial DNA come together to establish Anthony as a major thrust within the evolution of Maison & Co. No matter which challenges lay before him, he is constantly looking forward in ways to innovate and broaden the company’s horizons.

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